About Us

The Masque Apothecary Difference

Our mask collection is refreshingly different. Each mask is sold as a dry concentrate that requires only
the addition of water (or other botanical of your choice) to become active and ready for application.

Modeled after mask treatments used during professional facials, this method allows each application to be
customized according to skin type. Changes in the weather, hormones and even stress can all cause fluctuations
in skin’s oil balance. The Masque Apothecary collection allows you to tailor each mask for your current needs.

The active botanicals, vitamins and antioxidants are highly concentrated in our dry mask formulations. This means
they shouldn’t be used more than twice a week, allowing at least four days between each application.

Masque Apothecary is 100% committed to both the beauty and health of your skin. That’s why we never use parabens,
synthetic fragrance or chemical dyes in any of our products.

Experience the collection and experience the difference in your skin.