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Aloe & Chamomile


Aloe contains many nutrients like vitamins A, C and E and also has antioxidant properties that encourage the growth of new, healthy skin cells to accelerate the healing of blemishes and provide relief from skin conditions like eczema. It’s also anti-bacterial and anti-septic, which helps to prevent acne and works as a natural toner to tighten pores.

An exciting benefit of aloe is its ability to prevent and even reverse the signs of aging. Its naturally occurring nutrients and moisturizing elements help to increase collagen production, firm up skin and plump out wrinkles. Antioxidants found within Aloe protect skin from the damage caused by free radicals and can reduce the look of age spots for an even, more balanced complexion.

Chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can heal acne, decrease eczema, sooth dermatitis and improve skin’s natural glow.  Both Aloe and Chamomile are beneficial for any skin type they are especially powerful for dry or acne prone skin.

Ingredients: Kaolin clay, aloe powder, honey powder, chamomile powder