Snap On Belt Buckles

In the twentieth century snap on belt buckles became fashionable. Their popularity soared with the advent of the western cowboy and the many cowboy movies that were produced out of Hollywood. Because many popular actors were seen wearing snap on belt buckles in the movies men around the country starting wearing them. Of course styles and sales increased causing a demand for manufacturers to become more creative in designing snap on belt buckles.

Today, snap on belt buckles are popular at most western events including rodeos and carnivals. Often part of the prize package for the rodeo riders are locally designed and manufactured snap on belt buckles. Typically wholesale packers jerseys you will find several vendors selling snap on belt wholesale 49ers jerseys buckles in the concession area.

The metals and now plastic used to produce snap on belt buckles varies widely. The belt buckles are often made from gold, silver, brass, turquoise and nickel.

Snap on belt buckles have become collector’s items. The designs on these buckles can be very distinguished.

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What belt buckles can I find? Do you like Baseball? How about the Yankees, Red Sox or Giants? Football? Dallas Cowboys of course, New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. Basketball, Hockey you name it there is a collectible belt buckle for you. You can find Elvis Presley snap on belt buckles, John Deere collectible belt buckles, animals, celebrities, military especially the Marines, patriotic collectible belt buckles, Boy Scouts and of course the Budweiser snap on wholesale panthers jerseys belt buckles.

A popular annual event held in Reno, Nevada each September is the National Championship Air Races. During this event you can find Reno Air Race snap on belt buckles for sale in a booth provided by a local Kiwanis Club called the Reno Sunrisers. The Reno Sunrisers have been designing the collectible belt buckles for the past 30 years. Each year the club designs a snap on belt buckle specific to the current year. The members are involved in the design process from start to finish. Once the design is approved the buckles are then produced in time for the annual event. Typically they make Gold Buckles, Turquoise Buckles and Brass Buckles.